OS X,Security February 12, 2013 at 7:00 am

Useful Tool: XProtect Packager

If you have decided to disable the automatic update function of XProtect, then you will need a method for deploying the configuration files yourself.  These configuration files tell XProtect what the minimum allowed version is for the given plugins.  If the version of the installed plugin is less than this minimum version, it is not allowed to run.  This is a great security feature, but the sad truth is that many enterprise environments rely on old versions of Java and/or Flash.  Tim Sutton has made a utility that downloads the XProtect settings plists and creates a package for you.  You can hold back the XProtect settings that Apple has been pushing until you have the new flash or Java in place and then still be able to apply them on your machines.  Thanks to Tim for this extremely handy tool!

Attribution:Mac Operations

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