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MacSysAdmin 2012 Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

The lights have been turned off at MacSysAdmin ’12 in Gothemburg.  What has been on the scene in the last 4 days was definitely above expectations; a real show of interesting and brilliant sessions that touched all the aspects surrounding the life of Mac system administrators, from deployment techniques, server configurations and network architectures to a quick outlook on other platforms and technologies. All attendees felt like an integral part of the show which was very well orchestrated by the Apoio crew, not only during the daily activities at the conference center but also after it, organizing nice evening events in the characteristic places of the city. The global assessment of the meeting has been very positive and it has sent all of the attendees home with luggage full of hints and tricks to improve the management of their beloved OS. I would have expected to see a lot more participation from other countries of central and southern Europe but certainly the economic crisis sweeping the “Old Continent” has not helped in this regard. But no worries is has already been rumored that next year we will see an event even more memorable. So do not forget to be prepared, because as it was with this year, the tickets will be snapped up quickly!!!!

Dino Libertino

Consultant for over 15 years supporting most of the largest Italian publishers and advertising agencies, now senior mac systems engineer for a large entertainment company. Based in Milan (Italy), he is specialized in desktop management, imaging and software deployment across regions. When he is not behind a Mac he shares the time between his two passions: family and soccer!

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