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MacSysAdmin Day 3

Server AD Migration & Integration – Workstation AD Migration & integration 

Zack Smith – 318

If you do not have Active Directory within your environment to deal with, you are probably a happy Macintosh system admin. If you do have to face the Microsoft authentication system, then you have to look at Zack Smith’s presentations.  Server and Workstation AD migration sessions gave a complete idea of what implications can be found during a migration from one directory system to the AD authentications system, both from the administrator and user perspectives. Zack’s sessions gave suggestions on how to manage the server AD schema extension, where possible, allowing a much easier migration and reducing failure risks.  Zack also gives a thorough list of things to plan, including: OD and AD Objects compatibility, LDAP operations, new password generation management, mails migration, home directories location and workstation names convention.  All these were passed under the magnifying glass for the entire sessions duration to ensure you do not get an unexpected surprise. The happiness of system administrators is a priority at MacSysadmin!


Linux for MacSysAdmins

Duncan McCracken – Mondada

MacSysAdmin also gives a look outside the pure Mac OS world thanks to Duncan McCracken and his session oriented to the Linux.  CentOS is specifically presented as a powerful alternative to OS X Server for providing services. The live-demo showed how to setup and update the basic OS on a virtual instance as well as install and configure Kerio Connect, a cross-platform alternative to Exchange Server.  This software appliance was used in conjunction with JeOS (Just Enough OS) to simplify deployments as well as with Webmin, the web-based interface for system administration. The result? A fully working, cost-free, hardware independent, cross-platform server.  A correct setup and management requires a bit of terminal interaction but what this Australian guy has done is definitely cool!


Directory Services Is Dead. 
Long Live Directory Services!

Arek Dreyer – Dreyer Network Consultants

The introduction of profile management and the new capabilities added with the release of Mountain Lion are moving us away from directory-based preferences. Arek Dreyer exposed what exactly the state of the union is, explaining what is wrong with directory service (No iPhone or iPad login) and what is “problematic” with it (intense communication between client and server).  Arek also covered a good number of changes and improvements that Mountain Lion brought to us, both server and client side, for those who have to deal with Active Directory or other authentication systems. The Session ended with useful hints such as examining the state of opendirectoryd using odutil, enabling and disabling logging (and severity) by using syslog options or troubleshooting kerberos behaviours which I’m sure is always welcome.  Long live Directory Service!


Hosting Services for Lion and iOS on Windows Servers

Charles Edge – 318 and

Charles Edge probably risked a public execution once the slide with the presentation title appeared on the screen. “Replace OS X Server with Windows” is something dangerous to present to an audience of Mac geeks. But what was immediately clear is that this was not a session against the Apple Server but rather an opportunity to increase the level of knowledge of the Windows Server platform as well as a discussion of what works and what does not.  Charles covered which services could be convenient to move and which others you should rely on a third-party solution in order to get better outcomes. What we all agreed on at the end was that perhaps we do not need to move, but rather that what is important is to be open to other technologies. Kudos to Charles!

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