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MacSysAdmin 2012: The European Macintosh Administrator Meeting

Today, the Mac is on the stage. It is the first day of MacSysAdmin 2012. In the last years, the appointment on the Swedish land has become one of the most important meeting for all the System Administrators who, every day, are involved with a considerable number of workstations to manage. Gothenburg is the beautiful scenario that hosts a real high level of speakers with Arek Dreyer, Charles Edge, Alan Gordon, Andrina Kelly, Gary Larizza, Ed Marczak, Greg Neagle, Per Olofsson and many others to give the welcome to more than 200 attendees who are ready to fill the room of the Fulkets Hus Conference Center. In short, everything is ready and MacSysAdmin is going to be one of the best meetings of the year for the delight of the spectators in a conference center that has run for over 2 months.

Adventures in Wireless Planning and Design

Luis Giraldo – Ook Enterprises Ltd

Wi-Fi is probably the most common network technology of the last decade and the huge number of devices produced are raising the need for cable-free connectivity. Planning and designing a wireless network require a solid knowledge as well as a clear process that helps to identify the main aspects regarding use of that Wi-Fi. Starting from an historical timeline Luis Giraldo gives a clear view about what the Wi-Fi was in the past and what will be in the future when new protocols, such as  “WiGig”, will increase the connection speed to up than 7gbit/s. The session covered most of the usual questions and issues around the wireless world, like why channels 1,6, 11 and 14 are commonly used or the difference between protocols such 802.11ac or 802.11ad.  This gave a useful, applicable concept that helped to set up a coherent wireless network and finished with a practical analysis of the MacSysAdmin wifi that gave some headaches to the organization in the past. Now we should not get lost in the cloud.

Using OS X Mountain Lion as a Server

Arek Dreyer – Dreyer Network Consultants

“It’s never been so easy” is what Apple claims about the new OS X Server. Apple continues what has started with OS X Lion Server or rather a complete review of the concept of “Server”. How to do that? Removing what has always been the base of the known Mac OS X Server: Server Admin and Workgroup Manager. Arek Dreyer’s presentation gives a quick and exhaustive overview of what is new (dns, ftp and software update management), what is gone (ServerAdmin) and what can be found under new names (calendar, contacts, messaging) on Mountain Lion Server as well as the way Apple is adopting to dismantle the “Server” concept by collecting all services within a single and the position OS X Server should cover on the market. The truth is that a good solution, while not for everyone…has never been so easy.

Dino Libertino

Consultant for over 15 years supporting most of the largest Italian publishers and advertising agencies, now senior mac systems engineer for a large entertainment company. Based in Milan (Italy), he is specialized in desktop management, imaging and software deployment across regions. When he is not behind a Mac he shares the time between his two passions: family and soccer!

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