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Apple Releases Second Edition of Lion Server Advanced Administration

Apple released their new Lion Server Advanced Administration documentation. 

Has anyone yet analyzed what's new?

I filed an enhancement request asking for them to flag the differences. 



Arek Dreyer has been an Apple Certified Trainer since 2002. Originally an expert in Sun Systems, Dreyer shifted his professional focus to Mac OS X shortly after it came out. President of Dreyer Network Consultants Inc., Arek has been delivering courses and providing training around the world, both in the classroom and at events like the Apple Channel Camp and the Macworld Conference and Expo. Dreyer also provides integration and troubleshooting services for his own customers and for Apple.

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  • Thanks. This is very helpful and makes Lion Server far more transparent.

  • if you have the help guide , in the top right corner there is a ‘printer’ icon, and with the built-in print to pdf function I created a pdf version of the file. Too bad without table of content, without clickable links, but you can search on keyword…

  • Ditto on PDF download…a certain Mac guru we all know can provide us a script to download the PDFs to a folder…


  • Hi Arek,

    yes they’ve taken out the whole block about creating a domain logon for Windows 2000 up to Windows 7, which obviously isn’t part of the product any longer. However, it must have been planned to be part as it was described in v1. Before they published this new version they released a kb entry for alternatives:


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