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New Package Deployment Software StarDeploy for Mac OS X

I have been designing and perfecting a new piece of free deployment software for Mac OS X. The program is called StarDeploy, it is easy to setup and use.  All one needs is a network share and the client installed on a Mac. It can install packages or items that are not packaged. Software can be deployed on or off site because it uses AFP, FTP, SMB, WebDav shares.  There are some fun features like Growl and MCX support. Feel free it to give a try at It is free to use. 

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Policy Banner for Snow Leopard


Ok, so I've been quiet for a while, but here's a version of Policy Banner for Snow Leopard. 


Open source, MIT-licensed, go have fun with it. 🙂


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Stop PPTP dictionary attacks in MOSXS 10.5.x

Mac OS X Server's adaptive firewall (afctl) does a good job of catching brute-force login attacks on most services, but it doesn't catch PPTP attacks. The script below checks the system log for such attacks, and then uses afctl to block offending hosts for a week (you can, of course, change the parameters if you wish). I recommend using a cron job to run this script every 10-15 minutes.

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