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SUS with a proxy

I may have found a temporary solution to allow the Apple Software Update Service (ASUS) to work through a corporate proxy server. Adding the following lines to the


seems to have resolved the issue for now, but Apple needs to deal with this properly (using the system defined proxy settings).

Stop the ASUS service and change the lines (back up the file first to a dir outside of this path), then start the ASUS service.


note: the last two lines are already there; I show them so you can see where I put the lines I added.

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  • nice tip Allan. I have to say that I’ve had hit and miss with proxies and the SUS. The ones that work first time, continue to work with no problems (using the proxy set in system prefs) but I’ll definitely give this a go on the ones that don’t work.

    Do you know if there’s an environment variable for a username and password for authenticated proxies?


  • Why not have your proxy server admin allow SUS traffic for your server? If you have multiple SUS, daisy chain them so only one pulls from Apple, and the rest pull from the master.

    Don Montalvo, TX

    don montalvo, nyc

    • Whitelisting ports is obviously the easiest… but some places require all services to be proxied.

      Changing the world, one server at a time.
      Joel Rennich

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