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Source Based Routing Quietly Finds Its Way Into Snow Leopard

On Mac OS X 10.5, if you connect two different ports on a host to two different networks and assign them with two different IP schemes then only one can act as the default gateway.  This means that any incoming packets will all, by default, get responded to over the default gateway; despite which interface the packets came in on.  You can customize your routing table using the route command but this can be tedious and doesn't always necessarily net the desired results.

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Application location changes

Apple has moved Directory Utility from /Applications/Utilities/ to /System/Library/CoreServices/ .

It can also be accessed through the Accounts System Preference by going to Login Options and clicking "Edit" next to the network account server at the bottom. There is an "Open Directory Utility…" button there.

 It also appears that Firmware updates have a new location in a folder in CoreServices, which is rather nice. 

Next up, it looks as though the Kerberos application has been renamed "Ticket Viewer".

The 10.5 only application "Directory" seems to be missing in action. I was hoping that its functionality was merged into Address Book, but it does not appear to be the case.

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Malware Safeguards in Snow Leopard

A number of you may have noticed the article on ZDNet that stated that Mac OS X now has built in Malware protection (actually, I guess Intego made it public).  Despite the fact that the articles from Intego and then ZDNet were written prior to the release of the actual operating system (in their defense it was only 3 days prior) they have a point. They were also correct in that this isn't using a standard anti-virus engine such as ClamAV (which many think should be included by default in both Client and Server rather than as just a mail plug-in for Server)…  So what is this new anti-malware tool and what's it doing?

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Snow Leopard Server Documentation Released

Apple has made documentation available for 10.6, which is available here..

 At first glance, it appears to be a vast improvement from the documentation of 10.0-5, going into the detail of the different relationships between applications, as well as breaking out several applications that used to be grouped together. 

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