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Auto iChat Buddy Lists in Advanced Server

To activate the autobuddy function for the Jabber server first get the actual settings:  

sudo serveradmin settings jabber  
jabber:enableAutoBuddy = no

Notice that it's off, so now go ahead and set it to yes:

sudo serveradmin settings jabber:enableAutoBuddy = yes

After which you'll have to restart the Jabber server. Now comes the secret sauce, you have to manually run the process to update the buddy list for all users.

sudo /usr/bin/jabber_autobuddy -m  

Note that this has to be done every time you add a new user to the Jabber server. Also, users that are currently logged in will have to log out and back in again for the new users in the buddy list to show up.


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  • I just started the search for this feature, having recently discovered that this is simple in a Standard 10.5 sever setup, but not effectively available in an Advanced server setup. I worked through the jabber_autobuddy man page to get the flags mentioned earlier here in the comments, and once I have set autobuddy to no and then yes, and manually run the add, the only users listed are those that have connected to the jabber server at least once, or those that I have manually activated using the initialize flag.

    sudo /usr/bin/jabber_autobuddy -D -m

    Only lists users that have been initialized.

    Any insights on how to initialize all users at once without listing them out individually? It seems preposterous that there isn’t a built-in way to initialize all the users in the open directory, but with something this relatively new, I guess I can’t be too surprised that the feature set is not complete.

    Keenly annoying that it has been built-out for use in the Standard 10.5 server config, but the CLI tools are not updated for Advanced use. What, they expect us to script the dang thing or something? 😉

    Now where did I put that dscl user list script…

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