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Tokyo Server & Xsan training sessions

On Feb 29th, two free Mac OS X Server and Xsan related training sessions in Tokyo are available for sign-up. Please feel free to login and sign-up while seats are still available.

Details are at

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New storage. New Xsan

When the Apple Store came back up after this morning's Tuesday outage, I thought the new $49 price tag on the shuffle summed up the changes.

But I was wrong. 

Xsan2 has been released. See

And we have a big change up at

We don't have new Xserve RAIDs, not exactly. 

It looks like Xserve RAID has been replaced with Promise's "VTrak E-Class RAID" units.

It is the same 3U, but instead of 14 drives, the Promise holds 16 drives.

Instead of PATA, now we have the choice of SATA or SAS. (750GB for SATA and 300GB for SAS drives). 12TB raw capacity if you want one big dangerous RAID 0 LUN.

4Gb/s FC instead of 2Gb/s.

Dual active/active controllers.

And of course, it supports Xsan 2. 


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Auto iChat Buddy Lists in Advanced Server

To activate the autobuddy function for the Jabber server first get the actual settings:  

sudo serveradmin settings jabber  
jabber:enableAutoBuddy = no

Notice that it's off, so now go ahead and set it to yes:

sudo serveradmin settings jabber:enableAutoBuddy = yes

After which you'll have to restart the Jabber server. Now comes the secret sauce, you have to manually run the process to update the buddy list for all users.

sudo /usr/bin/jabber_autobuddy -m  

Note that this has to be done every time you add a new user to the Jabber server. Also, users that are currently logged in will have to log out and back in again for the new users in the buddy list to show up.


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