Odds and Ends November 12, 2007 at 9:58 pm

Macintosh Managers mailing list nuke and pave, coming Friday.

If you're on the Mac-Managers mailing list, best to read this.

The Macintosh Managers mailing list has been operating since 1991, and like any system with over 6000 days of uptime a little cruft has accumulated … it could use a reboot. That will happen this coming Friday, November 16th, 2007.

Read on for more….

The subscriber file has become corrupted which is manifesting
itself with some people not getting list mail, despite the server
confirming their subscription. The List Archivist and server admin Russ
Pagenkopf has given up trying to fix the problem after banging his head
on it since September. Russ has chosen to just delete the file and have
people re-subscribe themselves.
The list will be nuked at 11 PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8) Friday, November 16th.
You can help pave it starting at 11:01 PM by:
Sending an email to: mac-mgrs-requestATlists.mac-mgrs.org
With just the word 'subscribe' in the body
Follow the directions sent to you to by the list server.
If you haven't been getting your fix of mac-mgrs mail, now you know why.
If you have been getting your mac-mgrs list mail and want to keep getting it after this weekend you'll need to re-subscribe.
heard of mac-mgrs? The Macintosh Manager's (mac-mgrs) mailing list is a
way for those who administer Macintosh systems to get help with
particularly difficult issues. It is a low-traffic mailing list with no
online discussion. The only posts allowed to the list are Questions and
Summaries. You have a tough problem? Post it in the form of a Question,
with as much detail about your problem, environment, and
troubleshooting steps taken to date. Other mac-mgrs respond to you
privately. Once the issue is resolved, you must then summarize the
solution to the list. Summaries are archived in a searchable database
for future research. The low traffic and focussed nature of mac-mgrs
has kept it alive and useful well into a second decade of operation.
Thanks, and sorry for the hassle!
–chuck goolsbee
mac-mgrs list mom

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