Third Party Applications September 13, 2007 at 3:44 am

Policy Banner 1.0

A slightly tweaked version of the loginwindow policy banner that we posted about earlier.

Read on for where to get it. 

A while back on, Joel Rennich posted an article about the bannersample project that ships with the XCode tools. While it's a neat idea, to quote a buddy of mine, "we looked at it, and it's kinda neat, but somebody needs to make it really work." That somebody was me. You can customize it by editing the Policy.rtf file inside the package, replacing the logo.gif file, and editing the timeout parameter in the info.plist file. Get it at

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  • Folks,

    Found and fixed a bug where I copied and pasted the wrong bundle identifier in a #define statement. My bad. I re-engineered the bundle so that all of the constants are now in one #included header file and it’s working. Get it at

    Joel is already making me work harder — for the next version he wants me to make Policy Banner work with MCX.

    Paul Suh
    [email protected] (301) 643-1516

    • this would be great for managing software updates; keep users out of a system until everything’s done updating.

      • I’d just use ARD to lock the machines.

        Policy Banner isn’t going to stop them logging in, it’s just going to make it impossible for them to say:
        “I didn’t see the network usage policy! How was I supposed to know I wasn’t allowed to download all that porn and cracked software?”

        ~/.sig: You want me to display THAT!? NO!!

        • using ARD to lock 160+ machines, scattered across 2 campuses and completely lacking in true WOL support (no poer to the ethernet cards when systems are off) isn’t exactly practical.

          And all you have to do is remove the “ok” button to keep people from logging in. Which I shall be doing.

  • Anyone know if this work with Leopard?

  • Any chance there will be a new version to work with Leopard soon?

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