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MOSXSWebPassword 1.5

An updated version of my WebObjects application that allows for user password changes and resets from a web page, released September 10, 2007. 

At long last, the "Joel made me do it" release. Back in March, Joel Rennich posted an article to, where he wrote: "A more secure way of handling the need for password resets would be to create a script, probably presented to the users as a webpage, that would allow a non-admin to change passwords only for non-admin users. I believe some of those among us have ginned something up along these lines. If you have we'd love for you to share." OK, it took me a while, but I finally got the bugs worked out. Here it is in all its lush, plush smoothness! The new features are: 


  1. Configure the entry page 
  2. Configure whether to show a link to the admin reset password page 
  3. Configure the URL that the user will be taken to after a successful reset 
  4. Protect admin users' passwords from resets 
  5. Non-admin users in a specific group can reset non-admin users' passwords 
  6. Configure whether the status of non-admin user password resets is shown 


I reworked the installer package to make it more reliable as well. This disk image includes the source code for the project. 


You can download the installer from:

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  • Until someone with Apache experience chimes in ….

    Regarding the redirect, I have found editing the “properties” file and uncommenting out the “successPageRedirectTarget” will work to get some https:// redirect love (it doesn’t seem to matter what the URL is though?).

    Use VI rather than PICO if you are getting any jive talk with the files in question.

    Hope this helps a bit.


  • I’ve just edited the “Properties” file directly using VI:


  • There’s an updated version to work with Leopard..

    • How do others handle the situation where the password is changed but the user’s keychain gives them problems on the next login. Since the app does not know about user keychains or have a way to access them it seems like it might just be a “live with it” kind of issue.

  • Since the site doesn´t work at the moment – could anyone provide an alternative download link?

    • Hi Felix, I noticed this too. The ps-enable site appears to be down. I hope that Paul and family are okay. I don’t know where you can get the latest download but I have a copy of the 1.5 dmg. I can send it to your email address you have listed with this site. Let me know.

      • Hi carconni, yes i hope they are ok too. It would be great if you could mail it to me with the adress from my profile here. I hope you got the Leopard-Version. Thanks.

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