Archive for July, 2007 Webcast July 17th 2007: Lithium

The next webcast, Lithium, will take place on Tuesday, July 17th 2007 at 10:00am PDT.

Please join us for this webcast where Lithium's CEO and lead developer will discuss how Lithium can be deployed as a single-app solution for monitoring Xserves, Xserve RAIDs, Mac OS X Server and now Xsan as well as all surrounding network and server equipment.

The webcast ID needed to view the July 17th 2007 webcast is "MacEnterprise".

The passcode for the webcast is "608760"

For more information on how to view the webcasts, please visit:

To view the webcast, go to the following web page 5-10 minutes prior to the webcast start time:

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Elmer: Automated Deletion of Mobile ( Portable ) Accounts.

Clean up your PHDs and remove the trailer park of mobile homes you have lying around.

If you run a lab that uses mobile accounts , one of the problems that probably you deal with is the rabbit droppings effect: where users create accounts in the local netinfo database on your lab machines by virtue of logging in. Not only are their accounts cached locally but normally some part of the home directory as well. The normal reason for deploying such an environment is bandwidth concerns with using network accounts. You may re-image your lab enough that the effect is minimal but if your on say a quarterly system chances are these accounts are accumulating exponentially.

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Using serveradmin to backup and restore your configs

We all know about those little tear-off things in the bottom right hand corner of Server Admin, right? They're a very handy way of backing up your config before making a change. Just drag it off to your desktop, make your changes and if it all goes pear-shaped, just drag it back and sanity is restored. That's all well and good, but not exactly scriptable.

Enter serveradmin… 

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