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The State of rsync on Tiger

10.4.9 brings some welcome improvements to rsync on OS X, but they might not be everything that you're looking for.

An exhaustive look at what is and what doesn't seem to be working with rsync through various iterations of OS X 10.4. Read on for the gory details…

(Ed. Note: It would appear that both versions of the 2007-004 Security Update re-breaks much of the rsync progress. This is corrected by the 2007-005 SecUpd, so be sure to test those patches!)


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Automatically disconnecting disabled/asleep AFP sessions.

So a few people on the macos-x-server mailing list noticed that recent versions of OS X Server seem to be building up large numbers of Disabled/Asleep connections on their AFP servers, even with appropriate disconnection settings when users don't have files open.

 I'm even seeing this for servers where AFP session caching has been disabled, and this is as good a time as any to again point readers towards Apple's article on Understanding the "disconnect when idle" feature for AFP connections.

 I've been doing a little bit of work lately on scripts that parse out the result of serveradmin commands, so I thought I'd post up a script I put together that illustrates how you can do this with PHP command line scripting.  

Read on to download the script and read a brief description of how it works. 

Read more Webcast April 17th 2007: LANrev

The next webcast, LANrev, will take place on Tuesday, April 17th 2007 at 10:00am PDT.


In this webcast, join Peter Frankl and Bao Tran from LANrev.  LANrev enables enterprises to manage their heterogeneous clients throughout the systems lifecycle.  Unlike other tools, both the LANrev server and administrator console can run on a Mac OS X or Windows server.  LANrev's role-based administration, asset management, Mac OS X imaging, software distribution, license tracking & monitoring, patch management and remote configuration are designed to scale from small organizations to the largest, most complex, corporate, educational and government enterprises.  This webcast will provide a company overview and live demonstration of LANrev.

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