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MacIT Conference at Macworld

First off, thanks to everyone who spoke and attended at Macworld. The MacIT sessions were well attended and I heard several positive comments throughout the week. We’d like to hear your comments and feedback on the sessions so we’ve setup an email address for just that. Email us at [email protected] with your likes, dislikes, and what we can do to improve your skill set next year (what you’d like to see).

Already on the topic list is the MacIT Kickoff, which centered around Apple’s support of it’s products (both hardware and software) and opened a dialog between many attendees as to the best way to file bug reports, report hardware issues, and learn about support. Two major items seem to rise above the rest: Apple needs to do a better job of letting IT admins know about support options and IT admins who currently don’t use Bug Reporter should do so.The best attended track was the Imaging and Deployment track, so my thanks go out to the team at MacEnterprise and guest speakers who made that track so compelling.

So let’s hear your comments!

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  • While I am brand new to AFP548 I do want to say thank you to Shoun and all the others who made the Mac IT conference excellent. I’m one of THOSE people who had complaints and voiced them(very vocally) at the beginning. But if I truly hated the way things are done, I wouldn’t be a mac user. I commend Apple for having the options in place, now if we could have easier access to them. I’ve already started using the feature and bug reporter for comments. They may not listen to mine as an individual but I do believe that Apple listens to the common voice. Thanks for a Wonderful week at Mac World and all the fun things we were taught.

    P.S. If you saw me vent that first day, I’m not usually that frustrating of a person. Sorry for any problems… 🙂

    Kevin Steele
    Baylor College of Medicine
    Houston Texas

  • I also wanted to thank you and the team for being an itegral part of the
    MacIT conference. This was my first conferece attending as a
    conference attendee and not just the exhibit hall. I learned a great deal at
    the conference and now putting together a thoughtful plan to implement
    some of what I learned at the show. There was a ton of invaluable
    information at the conference. I look forward to next year and seeing
    everyone again. Thanks for a great conference!

    I have to say that I was just recently approached by the Enterprise group
    at Apple and they have expressed an interested in working with us to
    assist us with our needs.

    Has anyone else worked with the Enterprise group at Apple? What are
    your experiences?

    Scott Mindeaux
    Ignite Health
    Irvine, CA

  • There is only so much you can do in the short Conference sessions. If you
    are looking for more in depth instruction then give the PowerTools classes a

    As far as presenter skills go I hope that you noted it on your evaluation forms.
    Those are relied on when guiding speaker and topic selection for the next

    Breaking my server to save yours.

    Josh Wisenbaker

  • I had a great time. Interactive back channel for each of the sessions would be
    awesome. I mentioned that on the evaluations too.

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