AFP548 Site News November 6, 2006 at 11:36 am

AFP548 Kick-Off Session at Macworld

We love questions. All kinds. Questions about love, the meaning of life, and directory services to name but a few. Dust off your brain and get your best questions ready ’cause we’re taking them to Macworld. The Wednesday MacIT kick-off session will not be one speaker this year, but a leader-lead discussion on how Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server are faring in the real world.

Topics will include-but not limited to organizational polices surrounding Macs and how to deal with them, best case and worst case scenarios when deploying Mac OS X, technical and training issues, political strategies for increasing the number of Macs, and a general potpourri of mixed bag questions. The panel will consist of me (Schoun Regan), MacTroll, Josh Wisenbaker, Philip Rhinehart of MacEnterprise, and some very special surprise guests.

Questions will be taken during the session and in advance, with some of the best pre-Macworld questions answered during the session. When Macworld goes dark for yet another year, all the questions (and possibly the answers) will be posted here. Send your questions to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

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