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Secrets of the GPT

In the move from the Apple Partition Map (APM), to the new GUID partition table (GPT) there’s a lot of questions around why, how and what does it mean to me. We’ve discovered a wonderful Technical Note on Apple’s Developer website answering all of these questions – Technical Note TN2166


Andrina Kelly is responsible for anything and everything touched by, or connected to, a Mac at Bell Media, Canada's premiere multimedia company. You may recognize her name from the end credits of Canada's evening news broadcast. She has previously spoken at MacSysAdmin, JAMF National Users Conference, Apple's WWDC, Macworld IT conferences, Mac Networkers Retreat, and Canada MacExpo.

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  • Get:
    hfs.util -k /dev/disk0s1

    hfs.util -s /dev/disk0s1

    You aren’t able to specify a UUID, but that’s kind of the point.

    Changing the world, one server at a time.

    Joel Rennich

    • Sorry for the blast from the past, but I only get “hfs.util: command not found”.

      I’ve read the manpage, tried sudo and referencing the full path at…
      Still get same error message.

      What am I missing? Not critical, just curious.


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