Odds and Ends May 29, 2006 at 8:47 am

Toronto OS X Integrators Birds of a Feather Gathering

Sponsored by IronGate Server Management & Consulting, in association with Digital Transitions the innagural OS X Integrators Birds of a Feather gathering is taking place at MaRS Discovery District on College St. at University Ave., Toronto, Canada on Tues June 13th from 6PM-8PM.

This bi-monthly seminar series aims to introduce administrators and technical co-ordinators to real life implementations of OS X and OS X Server, in a wide range of practical situations. Presentations are given by industry experts and/or system administrators, in a format which fosters open discussions and group collaboration.

Registration and more details of the event are available on Apple’s Seminar website


Andrina Kelly is responsible for anything and everything touched by, or connected to, a Mac at Bell Media, Canada's premiere multimedia company. You may recognize her name from the end credits of Canada's evening news broadcast. She has previously spoken at MacSysAdmin, JAMF National Users Conference, Apple's WWDC, Macworld IT conferences, Mac Networkers Retreat, and Canada MacExpo.

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  • It was nice last nigth chitting and chatting with so many other local Mac Sys
    Admins and to also see a lot fo the same issues……..

  • Deployment would be an interesting topic with NetBoot, NetRestore, and
    RADmind really opening things up more so this year. I am having hard time
    figuring out which one works best, as they all have their strengths. Right now i
    am working out testing all 3 over the summer re deploying images and updates
    through out the college.

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