Apple May 3, 2006 at 3:37 pm

Advanced Mac OS X Server Administration

Update: The dates are now 6/27-29 in Austin.

Apple has a new training class coming out that deals with Advanced Server Administration.

I’m proud to have done some work during the development of the class, and happy to say that it includes material from my Panther book that has been updated for Tiger (specifically, Part I). I encourage you to look into attending the beta in Austin, TX.

This class represents a unique cooperation between O’Reilly and Apple. It’s success or failure will likely determine how long that cooperation lasts. As I’ve mentioned before, O’Reilly is very skeptical of the viability of the IT Centric Mac markets. So I urge you all to look into this class and, if it’s worthy, attend the class or buy the materials.

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  • Mike, any chance they’ll bring this to Chicago? I could probably get
    management to spring for the course, but not travel to TX.

    Bruce Carter, Senior Systems Engineer
    Center for Creative Computing, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

    • Chicago is the closest for me too, but still makes for expensive travel costs. Lately, that’s been next to impossible to get into the budget. I prefer getting away from work for classroom training but it’s much easier to convince the budget makers to purchase class materials instead.

      Greg H.
      ACSA, MCSA

    • ND is cutting WAY down on travel, so TX is a no-go. I could probably get them
      to spring for the books, though. Let me know what I can do. This is the kind of
      stuff we (the Mac sysadmin community) really need.

      Would it be inappropriate to reiterate how disappointed I was to hear about the
      Tiger version of the book not hitting the shelves… 🙁

      Bruce Carter, Senior Systems Engineer
      Center for Creative Computing, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN

  • I also am in Chicago and would take this course. There are other courses not offered here…

  • I’m on this request as well.

    I will never get a trip to US for this, but I can get permission to buy he

    /Søren Theilgaard

  • I have to add to the Chicago request. I would love to attend but the short notice
    and the fact it’s during the NWEA assessment conference in Portland I can’t be
    at both. Please please bring this to Chicago!

  • minneapolis is the true center of the world!
    oh allright chicago please.

  • FYI, delayed till Jun 27-29.

    Still in Austin.

    I’ll let you know how it was…

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