Podcasts February 20, 2006 at 7:00 pm

Call For Discussion Topics

You find reading the plethora of OS X Server knowledge on AFP548.com just isn’t enough, and are feeling some horizons need to be expanded….

You need something more challenging to listen to on your commute…

Enter – the AFP548.com podcast!

Read on for more…Rather than entering the world of podcasts blindly, we thought it best to appeal to those of you who are going to be listening, and ask your opinion on what it is you’d like to hear us discuss.

Are the different varieties of backup software and regimes bewildering you, do you need some ideas on justifying that amazing disk-to-disk-to-tape solution you’ve only dreamt about on paper? Are you wondering if Xsan is for you, and if it is how to go about preparing for its arrival? Is your smaller infrastructure growing with ambition, and you’d like to know how to move smoothly onto the next steps with a new server and centralized authentication? Are you curious about all the different possibilities for mail servers and what the differences are between the included solution on OS X Server and all the commercial products?

Or, have you simply got a situation with many possible solutions and you’d like a second opinion on which direction to take?

Whatever you’ve got, we want to hear it, and hopefully talk about it. Drop a comment below, or click on the contribute link at the top of this page and chose the “Podcast” topic for your submission.


Andrina Kelly is responsible for anything and everything touched by, or connected to, a Mac at Bell Media, Canada's premiere multimedia company. You may recognize her name from the end credits of Canada's evening news broadcast. She has previously spoken at MacSysAdmin, JAMF National Users Conference, Apple's WWDC, Macworld IT conferences, Mac Networkers Retreat, and Canada MacExpo.

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  • I would really enjoy a video podcast that shows AD-OD integration from the base step, through populating OD with AD data.

    That would be absolutely wonderful…

    • I would like to see a discussion on educational implementations, mobile labs
      and 1-to-1 deployments, best pratices, experiences.

      I would also like to see a discussion on wireless security and the options there
      are with respect to OS X, Open Directory, etc.

      And… UPS setup recommendations. That’s all I can think of now…

    • All of the topics you mentioned would be ideal. I am also biased towards seeing
      large scale deployment in education settings. Also the politics of account
      delegation using Mac software/hardware, particularly network homes.

      I’ll second a good AD-OD cast digging into the details, as for many, this is the
      start of getting Macs a foot in the door of the enterprise environment. If it
      doesn’t work, the you may aswell stay lurking in the shadows.


    • The big thing I would like is reviews/setups on third party things. Like Studywiz,
      Bru Backup, Dans Guardian, Free Radius, Podcasting server, etc… more solutions
      for OSX server.

      A podcast may to hard for technical things, but if its a round table of products,
      solutions, and services would be nice. I would listen.


    • As much as in-depth issues are needed, I don’t think a podcast, unless video,
      can do the issues justice. If its audio only, I suggest you stick to feature
      changes, etc in the OS that we may not all know about from version to version.
      If you do video, AD integration, SAN, and Macs in the Enterprise.

      I got my Macbook running Redhat/Solaris/ XP and 10.4 using Parallels. So much for single platform or dualboot!

  • I can’t post. I lways get ‘Spam detected and Comment or Message was deleted.’

  • Most of the things you all comment about are great, but I don’t think a podcast is a good way to deliver in depth content.

    I think it should be something that shows you the big idea of a project with comments and advice but at the same time links you to the website or PDFs with the in depth documentation.

  • Perhaps a walkthrough on Site-to-Site VPN Using two Tiger servers would be great. as well as in another episode basic imap mail setup. Wht rule to set on the firewalll. and whatnot. then in another session you might cover setting up secure certificates from a CA. you know typical everyday setup walkthroughs with the occasional indepth technical stuff. I’ld really like to see someon get site-to-site VPN to actually work.

  • Some discussion on DNS would be good, starting with local DNS configuration

  • did anything ever come of this?

    where are the podcasts posted?
    (itunes? Your own server?)

    any sufficiently advacned technology is indistinguishable from a yo-yo.
    Enoch the Red

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