Odds and Ends February 15, 2006 at 8:43 pm

New Mac OS X Interop mailing list

A new Apple public mailing list is up, macosx-interop, for discussing the integration of Mac OS X and Mac OS X server into UNIX (all flavors) and Windows networks. You can subscribe here:


Here’s the official charter:
The Mac OS X Interoperability List is for discussing how to integrate Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server into of UNIX and Windows networks. In particular, the goal is to enable community discussions regarding authentication, file sharing, administration, and other challenges of using Macs in multiplatform environments. This is different from the Mac OS X server mailing lists in that the focus is on the network administrator, who may well be using non-Mac servers with Mac clients (or vice versa).

This should provide a more targeted list than the high-volume Mac OS X Server list for those who want to discuss just interoperability.

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