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OSXPASS – request for comment/feedback

Its a new year (coming) and it has been a long time since I did an update of OSXPASS. I hadn’t made changes pre-Tiger hoping that Apple would come up with a solution and include it with Tiger. But, alas, that didn’t happen. So, I am embarking on doing an updated version of OSXPASS. This email is a request for comment and feedback. I’d like any information that might help guide me in the next version. And, if anyone has experienced problems, noted any security concerns, etc I’d like to hear about it. (I have thick skin.)

Clearly there are two things on my list:
1) make it template-based so it can be more easily customized
2) implement password change rules so that there is feedback as to why a password change has failed

For the second item above I’d be happy if someone could list the rules that should be implemented.

DO NOT send feedback here.
You have two ways to provide input:
1) go to and use the forums associated with the project (this is the preferred method)
2) send your feedback to [email protected] and include OSXPASS in the title

I reserve the right to ignore any suggestion. Meaning…please don’t get upset with me if your idea doesn’t make it into the next version.
I will include the name in the source/credits for the program of anyone who provides any substantive input/help.
I will start the update coding in about 2 weeks…so, you have 2 weeks to provide input.

For those who are unfamiliar with OSXPASS it is a "Web application for changing passwords on an Apple OS X Server (10.3+) via the web." I originally created it because I needed a way to let customers who had email only accounts change their passwords. For others it is useful if they have users who need to authenticate to an OS X server but don’t have a form of access to their account on the server which would allow them to change their passwords. OSXPASS is licensed under the Apple Public Source License ( ).

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