Odds and Ends September 23, 2005 at 1:49 pm

Advanced Configd Configuration

When dealing with funky network issues it’s handy to be able to tweak configd a bit to see what’s going on. We have an older article on configd that explains more of what it does, but here are some quick thoughts on getting more debugging and other options out of configd on 10.4.While the concept of configuring the daemon responsible for dynamic configuration in the OS might be uniquely circular, it might come in handy. Note:


I haven’t had a lot of luck tweaking some of the settings (I’ve tried

<code>    &amp;lt;key&amp;gt;LinkInactiveWaitTimeSeconds&amp;lt;/key&amp;gt;



<code>    &amp;lt;key&amp;gt;DHCPAcceptsBOOTP&amp;lt;/key&amp;gt;

all seem like they might be useful to someone and

<code>    &amp;lt;key&amp;gt;Verbose&amp;lt;/key&amp;gt;

has been exceedingly useful in diagnosing issues pertaining to network-related boot hangs.

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