Third Party Applications December 4, 2004 at 8:19 pm

OpenXchange on OS X Server

We (Labo Linux team and Labo Apple team) are pleased to announced documentation and an installer for Open-Xchange (pre-compiled) on Mac OS X Server.

It is available in french and english trough these URL :
English :

English tutorial

French :
Documentation Française

Let us know any bug if you find any.

Hope it will help people.

Matthieu DUCROS

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  • Awesome! I have been struggling to implement a solution like this for
    months. When I read this post I immediatly decided to try this out this week
    on a test server in our office. I read the install tutorial, but I have some quick
    questions though if anyone can answer them:

    1.) Does OpenXchange on OS X Server tie in with Apple’s OpenDirectory
    LDAP? Or do we have to maintain a seperate database of users and groups?

    2.) I notice that this installer seems to install another copy of Postfix. Similar
    to question one above, how much of OS X Server’s pre-existing software is
    being used if any? What restrictions or issues can we predict when running
    multiple versions of the same software on the same box?

    3.) Reading on the OpenXchange site seems to indicate that the community
    version of this server will not support Outlook clients, but the Novell version
    will. Is this true? If so, could a OpenXchange be set up on OS X Server from
    the community version, and then the Outlook plugin be purchased from
    Novell? Or does the whole thing need to start off with a Novell install if you
    need Outlook connectivity? Please clarify the possible Outlook strategies.

    I think this product, both community and Novell, will be a smash success on
    with OS X Server admins if it can integrate with Apple’s LDAP.



  • can you please contact me by mail, I will try to debug your config.


    English Apple Labs
    French Apple Lab

  • This is what i was waiting for !! nice job !

    I just (ehhrm the last two nights) installed it following your tutoral and every
    time i got a Undefined ERROR – LDAP CODE 50, See LDAP Log for Details!
    error after trying to use adduser_ox, it seemed there went something wrong
    with /usr/local/ox/share/init_ldap.ldif, the file contained a dn to your demo
    domain instead of the example domain.

    after fixing this the thing wend just fine !

    Hope the ldap part will be integrated with OpenDirectory soon because OX
    makes it inpossible to use the machine as a OD master (maybe a big warning
    at the start of the tutoral before people mess up their production machines ?)

    Keep up the good work !!

    Make source not war !
    # ./configure && make test && make love ..

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