Third Party Applications August 1, 2004 at 4:41 am

xtar from Helios

Backing up and restore can be a problem but I have recently found that xtar (free from Helios) is a wonderful solution to this problem.Not only does it preserve resource fork but also ownership.
if you create an archive using -cPf

xtar cPf /hold/archive1.tar /Users/william/Desktop/PantherStuff 

when you restore using

xtar -xvPf /hold/archive1.tar

it restores everything where it came from.
I am working on a gui interface, but in the meantime the CLI works well.
HELIOS Xtar can be downloaded via HELIOS WebShare at:

User name: tools
Password: tools

Ed Note: There are a number of ways to back up resource forks. Xtar is just one. Also take a look at hfstar, ditto, and using disk images to backup and compress your files.


  • now THAT is what I call a helpful comment!

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  • what about hfspax? Some real nice options there too including the ability to file

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