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Finally with the Docker, Pepijn Bruienne with Charles Edge, Part Two

What you’ve all been waiting for, the exciting conclusion to Charles interviewing Pepijn, where they finally let loose the dogs of Docker. Be sure to not listen all the way until the end, as the hand-egg talk somehow slipped in. Allister BanksAllister lives in Japan, has not read the Slack […]

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Off-Season Episode, Live from the Penn State Mac Admins Conference

Interrupting the offseason, here’s a discussion we recorded between Tim Perfitt and Dave Test, live at the 2014 Penn State Mac Admins Conference. Tim givesĀ a little background about how iBeacon and Passbook were utilized at the conference, and Dave talks about the integration between them and theĀ impossible-to-pronounce Hope this […]

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Episode Three – 10 Seconds to Do Something Interesting

Recorded just prior to the Mavericks release, the dulcet tones of Mike Boylan host this weeks installment of the Cylinder of Destiny. He’s joined by the original triangle magician, Tim Perfitt of Twocanoes, to talk about the future viability of Server on OS X, Macintosh Manager, and iBeacon. And Volvo. […]

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