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    I recently took the OS X Server Administration and Integration class from Apple. The class was good, and the material was all presented well in a large manual which was given to each student.

    However, I’d like to get the ACSA certification, and while I’m now prepared to take the OS X Server test, there’s no way I can afford the time and money necessary to take the (less advanced) OS X Admin and Integration class. So I’d like to just get my hands on a manual so that I can study for the test. I was really disappointed to learn that Apple doesn’t provide these manuals outside of the class. So, essentially, I’d have to pay nearly $3k for this manual to prepare for this test. 🙁 From what I gather, the test would be very difficult to pass without very specific knowledge of the material as it is related in the class and manual.

    Does anybody have any idea where I can get a copy of the OS X Administration and Integration manual? An electronic copy would be great. Does anyone know of other materials that will prepare one for this test at a reasonable cost?

    Many thanks.

    – msb

    bossa nova

    msb…you might want to keep an eye on apples web site in the training area. I was just there last week and it seems there is some forward movement. There are some new example questions for the essentials exam. I think they are slowly but surely improving and building.

    You may want to send some feedback as well. I sent them request for more materials to be made available and they said that they are indeed glad I let them know and that they are working on it. The rep even gave me his contact information for future contact regarding educational materials.



    You could check out peachpit, they publish the Apple Training Series books which is essentially the material you get in the manuals when sitting the apple courses…

    It may pay to shop around to get the best price.. amazon is usually a good start. The book linked to above basically covers 2 exams(Directory Services Integration and Administration and Security Best Practices for Mac OS X v10.4) required for ACSA.


    If you need 3 tests, and they cost $150 dollars each, then you would have twenty tries to pass all 3 exams until you get to $3000.

    Now knowing Apple Exams they are 88 questions with 8 demographic questions. So I would got to apple.com and look at the prereqs for the tests and then try to take it. commit as many of the questions to memory as possible and do a brain dump right after the test. The pass/fail sheet that prometrics gives you will tell you where you are weak and strong at, plus give you a breakdown of how many questions are for each particular section.

    By three tries you should have a test done, or have a damn good idea exactly which questions or subject area need more review.

    So 3 tests x 3 tries x $150= $1350

    That beats $3k in my book.

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