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Code Wranglers Speak In Tongues (Generally)

It is commonly said that python tends to be at least the second-best tool to reach for when approaching a task, whereas some of us get by just fine with shell. The lack of a compilation step for scripting languages tends to help us iterate and ship good-enough solutions quickly, […]

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What we talk about when we talk about code wranglin’

Part Two, Git Recommendations Revisited. (Part One is Here) Since we’re talking code, we should come to grips with the ungainly topic of version control itself before going much further, which in 2020 still means git. On this site (~6 years ago! with not the most generous title) we went […]

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Code Wranglin’, A Series

Welcome to a series about wranglin’ cats code. Some of us are inclined to care about titles, and while I’m fine being a MacAdmin, Client Platform ‘Engineer‘ is a more recent term recruiters want to plug into LinkedIn. That engineer part is meant to differentiate us from the apes sysadmins, […]

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