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Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition

I usually get quite a lot of unsolicited feedback about Adobe's installers at MacWorld or WWDC (and even better, unguarded, feedback at the Thirsty Bear around closing time) but this year without an IT Track at WWDC (grrrr) I stayed home. Since I am not down there this year I wanted to know if anyone has had a chance to try out the new Creative Suite Enterprise deployment tool? It's now named the Adobe Application Manager Enterprise Edition and allows you to make a pkg for ARD and allows you to disable the EULA, product registration reminders, the Adobe Updater, etc. I can pass your feedback directly along to the product team. Anyone who attended the MacWorld 2010 Adobe CS Deployment and Provisioning talk/Q&A knows that they are aware of our pain as IT techs and I believe are moving in the right direction with this tool.

Jody Rodgers

Desktop Engineering, IT

Adobe Systems 




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The Commandments of Packaging in OS X

Whether you're a Mac Developer or Systems Admin, you've probably had to package up a bundle of files for deployment onto a number of machines.  There are many ways to do this with just as many software options; it's easy to get confused and make some simple mistakes.  The current trend away from deploying software into a monolithic "Golden Master" image and toward a modular package-based approach is pushing (or SHOULD BE pushing) Devs and DevOps folk to rethink the way they package. You can't automatically assume that a package will always be installed interactively on the boot volume through the GUI (could you ever really?), but that still doesn't stop certain developers from doing so.

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