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Competition Time! – seeking a name for "kicker-replacement" (We have a Winner!)

You might have read some of our previous articles talking about using kicker to perform actions on network status changes.

This was always an unsupported solution, and with Leopard it turns out that Apple no longer needed kicker, and so they got rid of it.

Chris Adams and I started kicking around some ideas in Python, and the result is an incredibly flexible framework for triggering events on any change to the SystemConfiguration API, NSWorkspace notifications, and filesystem changes via FSEvents.

You can find this along with some other useful Python Mac sysadmin utilities at the Google Code site pymacadmin.

Anyway, there's a problem.

We need a name.


[Edit: 2008/07/23 – We have a winner! Kok-Yong Tan came up with "cranker" and the primary daemon will be called "crankd" ]


Read on for details….

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John de Troye in French!

NausicaMedia, the first french company certified on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, has translated the "Tips and Tricks for Macintosh Management" of John de Troye in french.

Although this is the Tiger Version, the Leopard's one is not released yet, everyone know how much this documentation can be important as a practice for a sysadmin. The Tips and Tricks have been many times lauded like the documentation you can't get from a training center !

"Tips and tricks for the Macintosh Management", sorry : "Trucs et astuces pour la Gestion du Macintosh" is available at NausicaMedia's website.

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