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InstaDMG: Image Creation Revolution Webcast

The group will be presenting a Webcast on InstaDMG: Image Creation Revolution on April 15, 2008 at 1:00pm EDT (10:00am PDT).

InstaDMG is revolutionizing the way that Mac sysadmins create ASR deployment images and it can help you too. More than just a tool, InstaDMG is actually a methodology for deployment image creation and testing. In this webcast we will cover both the methodology and the reference tool in detail, including a roadmap of the reference script feature set.

For more information on how to view the webcasts, please visit:


The login ID for April 15th Webcast : MacEnterprise

Passcode for April 15th Webcast is : 724412

Go to the following web page 5-10 minutes prior to the webcast start time:


Webcast Coordinator

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OpenDirectory recipe for 10.4 to 10.5 Migration, keeping your SID intact

As part of some self-documentation, I posted on my personal blog exactly what works and where I found the help for getting an OpenDirectory 10.5 Server running from a 10.4 in production box. The twist is that I needed to keep my SID and other PDC functionality that I've inherited up from 10.3.9. Yes, it can be done, and no you can't upgrade. Below is the reprint from my blog which I'm posting here for posterity:

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What’s weird using Server Admin for managing Amavis in Leopard Server

Leopard server brings us a new interface for managing amavis in Server Admin. But, using some of the options of Server Admin's GUI doesn't modify correctly /etc/amavisd.conf and brings some weird issues

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LANrev InstallEase Now Free

LANrev announced today that their InstallEase automated packaging tool is now free.

InstallEase is a tool for creating installer packages and has functionalities like automated "Before" and "After" snapshots, installation of files to current user's home folder, exclusion filters and uninstaller packages all wrapped into a graphical user interface for administrators.

Registration is required to get the free download, and is available here –

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