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Setting a specific resolution at the login window, or an alternative to CScreen

I’ve been dealing with a rack-mount KVM that refuses to sync properly with any generation of Xserve on reboot. While reboots aren’t a common occurrence, I had a request to from The Powers That Be to “fix this”.

Since a regular display will sync correctly every time, I do blame the KVM. To me this is a complete non-issue: simply set the KVM to another unit, wait til the Xserve has finished booting, login via ARD and set the desired resolution. However, I still had a request to do something about it.

Read on for how I solved this…

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Script to configure client mail settings

So I thought I would post this before I grow too old and forget about it. I have been working on a command line based configuration script for, it does some fancy things like create Mail bundles and Package installers for deployment,it still has a couple of bugs so use it wisely. I haven't had time after MacWorld to work on it too much so if you have any bug reports, feel free to post them here as well as code additions. I would like to add some ssl certificate import support.

It's big, it's long, its BASH – enjoy and dont judge me too harshly as I know it needs some work.

Grab the script here.

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Scheduled maintenance on Feb. 4’th

The website will be down for a few hours due to a scheduled software update on Feb. 4'th, starting at around 10 AM UTC. If you have any ideas on specific improvements or noticed any outstanding issues from the previous update, leave them here or email them to filipp at mac dot com.


Update: The upgrade will be postponed to Sunday, Feb. 11'th 10 AM UTC. Sorry for the false alarm. :-/

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