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PostgreSQL and PAM support on Mac OS X

No article I could find on the web touches the “PostgreSQL-PAM” topic specifically for Mac OS X users, so I decided to put all the pieces together. Thanks to Adrian Nida for the excellent article that provided the basic guidelines for configuring PAM.

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Ethernet Herding

Port Trunking, Trunked Ethernet and Bonded Interfaces are some of the terms that get thrown around for what is more commonly known as 802.3ad. In both Apple’s documentation and more generally accepted is the term Link Aggregation, or Link Aggregate Group (LAG) which is perhaps a more visual description of what is really going on here – an aggregate of network interfaces which allow you to beef up the total bandwidth to your server with little to no further cable or networking hardware changes.

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Server Monitoring and Notifications

BixData: Powerful easy to use monitoring

BixData is a handy new tool for SysAdmins. It can monitor everything that your network and systems depend on. After a simple installation you can monitor network devices, HTTP, Web Services, Mail Servers, File Systems and Applications. Be notified instantly when a service or device goes down or escalate notification based on downtime.

Cross-platform and scales to 1000’s of servers.

There is a free version for monitoring under 30 machines.

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